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Here at DatingSites.net you will find everything you need to know for finding an online dating site, as well as any type of relationship advice that you may be looking for. Our goal here is to help our visitors in any way possible in order to ensure you have the best possible dating experience.

Below we have listed out what we have found to be the absolute best overall dating sites on the internet today. However, we have gone so much further than that though and have broken it down into the best sites by specific categories and have put together an extensive collection of advice articles.

Top Online Dating Sites

Match.com Sign Up
1) Match.com
  • Largest member population of any dating site.
  • Daily matches sent directly to your email account.
  • "Stir Events" in many cites accros the country
As most people probably already know, Match.com is one of the best known dating sites online today. It offers an excellent service for it's members and continues to improve with advances in technology and matching techniques. See all this dating service offers below....
eHarmony Sign Up Screen
2) eHarmony
  • More claimed marriages than any other site.
  • Excellent mobile app service.
  • Detailed matching system for finding a partner.
eHarmony is considered one of the top online dating sites in the market today. They are responsible for more marriages than any other service. Established back in 2000, eHarmony may not be the oldest but it is now considered one of the best....
Christian Mingle Screenshot
3) Christian Mingle
  • Focused on matching up Christian singles.
  • Live events throughout the entire United States.
  • Connects with your Facebook account for uploading images.
Christian Mingle is considered to be the top Christian dating site on the internet today. They have a service designed specifically for Christian singles and they do an excellent job of incorporating the Christian faith into all aspects of their dating service....
Date.com Screenshot
4) Date.com
  • Very detailed profiling system
  • Top of the line mobile version
  • Articles and advice for helping you along the way
Date.com is a well-known dating service that has customers from all different backgrounds. They are very open to any sort of lifestyle and a do a good job of finding matches that fit any person's needs. Even though they are not one of the largest sites out there, there are many things that they have...

Latest Advice Articles

  • Gender roles have evolved in all areas of life, including dating. While women once waited patiently for the cute guy in a bar to buy them a drink, today they are the ones buying the drinks and saying “hello”. Despite the new-found authority that women tackle in their lives, many find themselves frozen at the idea of contacting a potential...

  • It has been said that today’s romantic novels and movies create standards for romance that men could never live up to. Unless you have an unlimited bank account, this is probably true. Although women gush over the Edward Cullen’s of the world, it isn’t really about the type of romantic gestures that are shown, but rather, how they make her...

  • Arguments between men and women can be explosive. It usually starts the same way. A woman tries to talk to a man about one thing. He fails to respond the way she would like. She becomes angry and aggressive towards him. He gets aggressive and defensive. Before you know it there is yelling and screaming over every detail of the...

  • There are two kinds of people in the world: those who people respond to and those who people don't. I speak in jest of course. However, in this particular area of being social, it seems that many struggle to understand how to get people to respond to them verbally or otherwise. A case could be made that there are significant...

  • Half of all marriages end in divorce. It’s a harsh truth that we would all rather forget. Divorce, for any reason, is heartbreaking. It takes ahold of your soul and shakes it. Even people who had been in an unhappy marriage struggle to find a way to move forward. Divorce leaves an invisible mud on you that can make you...

Using a Dating Site in 2016

Online dating continues to grow in popularity and as it grows sites have become easier and more convenient for users. Once you sign up with a dating service you will simply need to complete a profile and possibly a compatibility test and then you will be on your way to meeting other people online.

Sites now also offer even better tools and services for their members making it much more likely that will meet a compatible match. If you have been looking for a new relationship and haven't given online dating a try, we recommend trying out a dating site this year. You can check out any of our site reviews here to find the right one for you and in no time you could be ready to start meeting new matches online.

Looking for More Advice on Dating?

With relationships being a part of almost everyone’s life at one point or another, many people are looking for help with it. Advice for dating seems to be everywhere nowadays but how do you really know where to find the right help? That is why our experts have put together a comprehensive guide to dating and relationships to make sure you have all the help you will need.

If you check out our section here on Advice for Dating, you will find a variety of articles pertaining to all different kinds of situations and people. We have help that is specifically written for men, women, seniors and more. All you need to do is browse through the articles and find the topics that you might be dealing with right now.

Also another thing to remember is the fact that we are constantly adding more advice on a regular basis. So if you happen not to be able to find something related to a subject that you’re looking for, be sure to check back soon because more than likely we may have added it. If you are really in need of getting advice on a specific topic, please feel free to contact us at any time and let us know so that we can have our experts write specifically about that issue and get it up on this site.